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Some more Buenos Aires culture

Posted by on October 29, 2010

So I was back in Buenos Aires, mildly disappointed that the bus arrived 10 minutes before the end of the movie. Back at the hostel, much had changed, with Carly and the three Americans having found a flat together, and Ben managing to get himself an apartment too.

I found Ben and Yogi, and after some discussion it was decided that we should invest in some culture. I should add that last week a large group of us went to a tango show at Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo. It’s one of the older places to see a classic show, and it was very well priced and good, and came complete with very snooty waiters, who we managed to upset several times in the first few minutes, rearranging tables :)

Anyway, on Mondays in Buenos Aires is La Bomba de Tiempo. Amazing drum display in a warehouse, although if I had a sense of smell I’m fairly sure I’d have been nearly overpowered by the smell of certain plants being smoked around the crowd. Unfortunately I was getting a sore throat since the bus ride, but still managed to get along, and afterwards we went back to Ostinatto, a hostel around the corner from mine where Yogi was staying, along with some of the peeps from SA Explorers. I decided I’d shift here the next day. We had a few drinks in the bar, and then I headed back to my hostel.

Or so I tried. The two hostels are only 100m apart around the corner, but as I started walking, two guys came around the corner, looked at me and started towards me. Given the muggings I’d heard so much about, I pretended to not understand their first request for dinero. But after that they made some hand signals and it was fairly unmistakeable to what they wanted. At this point I was between them and the wall, so pointed back towards the first hostel, indicating my dinero was there, and as they looked, bolted in the other direction. Mark 1, lame-muggers 0. At least it wasn’t 12-year old kids, eh Ben? 😉

Tuesday I moved hostels, signed into a 6 bed dorm, of which only one other person was in, win! Some food for lunch with Yogi, and then we met up with others and SA Explorers to head on our all-you-can-eat pizza, all-you-can-drink beer trip to the football – Argentina vs Spain at La Monumental stadium.

Sadly our van took a painfully long slow route, and by the time we got to the food place we had about 20 minutes to stuff ourselves and then head to the football. David, Carly, Yogi and myself then managed to accidentally separate ourselves from the main group, and ended up on our own behind the goal in a nice little area surrounded by barbed wire and anti-English banners (randomly!).

Those who know my sporting interests know football is not one of them, despite living in London for three years. I watch the world cup and will belatedly cheer for Fulham if I’m in a pub and I happen to hear they scored. More often I’m against them and Chelsea as a result of the chaos their fans cause on the District tube line. However this game was the home team vs the world champs, and would you believe it, Argentina totally outplayed Spain and won 4-1!

A fantastic victory over, we were all taken to Krakow – a Polish bar in Sal Telmo close to our hostel, and we ended the night briefly back at the hostel.

Wednesday and it was finally time for me to leave Buenos Aires, so back to Retiro, the crazy bus station, and on a bus bound for Rosario…

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2 Responses to Some more Buenos Aires culture

  1. ElizMo

    A Polish bar?!

    Kudos again for not being mugged, skilzzzz.

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