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Returning to Santiago and Reunions

Posted by on January 26, 2011

This post for the day of October 2nd.

Saturday morning we were off on El Rapido over the mountains again to Santiago. My third crossing now, I was ready and was able to spot and photograph Aconcagua. Coming up to the border, I kept seeing signs for the Puente del Inca – the Inca’s Bridge – a tourist spot people Marco and others had been to. As it happened the bus drives right past it, so was able to at least see it without the tour.

Border Crossing - back into Chile!

Border Crossing - back into Chile!

The crossing took quite a while, with a long queue of buses, but it wasn’t too cold, there was bright and sunny weather, and lots of good photo chances of the snow and mountains around. We cruised on in to Santiago, and made our way to hostel Ventana Del Sur, having been impressed with it last time. Walking in, Graham the Welsh guy was still there – his last weekend in Santiago, as well as the four Americans living in Santiago. Felt like coming back to a home in some ways.

Got set up and then I’d been trying to get in touch with Susanne, the German girl, and Adrianne from Puerto Madryn days, who had since moved to and was working here. Adrianne replied and organised to meet up at her place, a short taxi ride from our hostel – as she and her Chilean flatmates were going out for dinner.

The gang at Azul

The gang at Azul

This was brilliant, a chilled night at a bar called Azul (Blue), and with a DJ/Cover singer. As an aside, in what I thought was only a South American thing – it was about this time that we’d been sick of hearing No Hablo Americano in Argentina, the latest catchy crazy song, and surprise surprise, it was played here too, along with the latest Enrique song. (Only later would I find out that it was worldwide). But the evening was quite different and great – we would buy platters of food, and share a platter, have some drinks, and buy another platter. This continues for the duration of the evening and is very enjoyable.


We finally bade them farewell and got a taxi home, crashing for the night. I’d managed to get the same bunk as from two weeks before, so it really did feel a bit like coming home :)

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