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Arriving in Tallinn, Estonia

Posted by on June 22, 2011

I arrived at the main bus terminal in Tallinn after we dropped off the only other two passengers at a hotel. I picked up the nearest wifi signal and confirmed it was a 30 min walk to the hostel. With packs – I’d pass this time, I had people to meet. I hopped in the closest cab and headed to what I presumed was the hostel.

Old and New - the McDs sign, in front of the old town gates

Old and New - the McDs sign, in front of the old town gates

Eventually after a couple of turns and changes, the driver stops on a cobbled street and motions that this is the street. He didn’t speak English and despite me saying there was no sign, he kept crossing his arms and indicating that I exit. I sighed, paid, and got out. It turned out that the street enters the old town and is closed to taxis, and fortunately the hostel was only about 100m away.

By fluke, I’d established that friends from London – Anna and Jeremy, were going to be in Tallinn this weekend. The previous night I’d found another friend Tim and his girlfriend Kate, as well as Oliver, and Sam and Jen were coming too. Danny was in town as well and met me at the hostel (Monk’s Bunk), and we tracked down the others, and Kelly – an Australian who’d attached herself to the group. Aussies…I don’t know sometimes! She was in town to meet some of her distant Estonian relatives – only one of whom really spoke English, so she was certainly getting some more of the local culture.

The others (aside from Danny) had eaten so we headed off to track down some food, but found that almost all the recommended spots were closed for the night, so in the end headed to (shame) Hesburger – the Finnish burger chain that has a remarkably similar menu to McDonalds, before turning in.

I’d booked late at the hostel, so was in the big dorm the first night (I planned on winging it after that as they were full). Got that sorted out and crashed, in preparation for a big weekend ahead…

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